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Our Suite of Mind & Soul Services

Heal your heart, mend your mind and fuel your soul. 

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1-on-1 coaching sessions

In private coaching sessions, you have the opportunity to deep-dive into your desired reality. Whether you're wanting to focus on career, romance, self-healing, home or family, no topic is off the table.

Together, we'll re-work limited beliefs and old patterning that's holding you back from getting the results you want. This process helps you to step beyond insecurities, build confidence, curate happiness and expedite success. 

TWO 60-MINUTE SESSIONS - $225 (10% discount)
FOUR 60-MINUTE SESSIONS- $400 (20% discount)

APPLICATIONS ARE REQUIRED TO BE CONSIDERED FOR SHE GLOWS COACHING. This allows us to assess how serious you are about this process. We only work with individuals who are ready to do the required work and show up for their sessions with audacity and openness.

Upon 24 hours of completion, you will receive a personalized on-boarding email that includes your very first Action Step, scheduling information and pricing details. 

From Denver to Chicago to New York City, She Glows coaches women across the nation. Physical location isn't a factor here, but if you're in the Metro Detroit area in-person sessions are available! 

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Signature workshops & HEALING CIRCLES

Our signature workshops and healing circles are fun outlets to connect with like-minded women and develop new friendships... all while learning cool tools, techniques and teachings that you can instantly apply in your life. 

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mindful motivation 4-week intensive

Mindful Motivation is a 4-week intensive course that will help you initiate change in your life. Whatever it is you want to shift (work, love, happiness), it's possible by learning and applying the 3 C's: Consciousness, Clarity & Consistency.

You'll receive: 

  • 140-page course book

  • 8-hours worth of workshops

  • 10% discount on a personal coaching package


*Next Course Dates TBA

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Let's give it up to the Universe! Sometimes it's more fun to see what the cards have to say. During your reading, you'll determine what issue you'd like to explore most and develop a specific question for your request. Cards will then be pulled and laid in a spread best suited for your situation. Together, we'll assess your options at hand and what you can do to better prepare for what's ahead (based on the advice found within the cards).


*Please note: This is not a psychic reading. Holly will read the story the cards are revealing and then intuitively explore the information that's available with you.

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A Blessingway is a sacred and ancient ceremony to honor a mother-to-be. Baby Showers are often all about the baby and a Blessingway is all about celebrating (and of course, blessing!) the divine mother and her miraculous journey into motherhood. 

A Blessingway is typically hosted at the mother-to-be's home and she invites her closest mothers and sisters to adorn her and the little life within her with beautiful chants, rituals, gratitudes and prayers.