the LOVE AGAIN course

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Heartbreak is a pain I wouldn’t wish upon anyone. Yet it’s a pain that many of us know well.

Movies portray heartbreak as crying into ice cream tubs. Friends try to fix it with wine. Parents insist you deserved better any way. Co-workers show you how Bumble works.

My energy medicine teacher says, “The awakening offered to us by love is always brutal.”

Even though the love of your life is gone, the alarm still goes off in the morning. You have to go through your typical day with what feels like a gaping hole in your chest. Everything aches, yet you’re told to get back out there and move on.


maybe it happened yesterday,
maybe it was years ago…

There’s no set amount of time that guarantees a healed heart. I hadn’t talked to my ex in years and I’ll confess… I cried on his wedding day (thanks Facebook). Why? Because I never healed the trauma from that experience at a soul level.

When moving on from a relationship, you typically initiate a physical change like getting a haircut or hitting the gym. If you’re wise enough, you’ll do some talk therapy sessions.

Yet, this person’s energy may still be pulling at you regardless of the amount of time passed or therapy had.

This is when we need to bring in the soul work.

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There’s zero judgment here.

If you’ve felt stuck in finding new love or feel closed off in your current relationship, this course helps. Love Again offers you the space to process your past relationship(s) at a deeper level. You will:

  • Detox your physical body, so you can look at the past with a clear head and open mind.

  • Uncover the beliefs that were installed during your past relationship + heartbreak (which are now blocking you from cultivating the love/relationship you desire).

  • Hold ceremony for your soul, so you can release fear and cross into a new threshold that’s ready for divine love.


Trust Love Again

Once we shed the old energy and create space in your heart, we will dive into teachings that will help you align with a divine partnership.

We’ll explore mindsets and practices that will help you flourish in your next (or current) relationship. Your partner is one lucky person!


Course Details

The Love Again course is a digital, month-long experience for women. You will receive weekly modules, guided meditations and soul rituals.

Our group will also have a live video call once a week for four weeks where we will connect and address questions/blocks.

  • Course runs July 15 - August 12, 2019

  • Video calls will be held on Tuesday evenings (also recorded and available on the platform if you miss)

  • Access to the modules for a month after the course is completed

  • Investment: $299 early bird | $399 after July 1, 2019



I’m honored to create this healing space for you to revitalize your relationship with romantic love!

The inspiration for this course began to visit me when I found myself in a new, incredible relationship… yet FEAR was holding me back from truly falling in and revealing my whole heart. I realized I had to face my conditioning from old relationship experiences in order to be my biggest, best self in my new one. <3

When talking with other women, I quickly learned that this is work many of us are looking for! From ridding phantom exes to attracting divine partnership, Love Again is a radical approach that works with your body, mind and energy field!

I applied a mixture of healing modalities within this course, from shadow work to kundalini yoga to shamanic medicine. I can’t wait to share it with you!

Learn more about my background here.