Blessingway Ceremonies

A Blessingway is one of the most divine experiences in the world. In this ceremony, sacred space is held for a mother-to-be by her dearest sisters, mothers and grandmothers. Beautiful words are shared, meditations are practiced and rituals are held so she feels loved, celebrated, respected and honored as she prepares to step into motherhood.

Baby showers are often focused around pampering and celebrating the new baby. A Blessingway is centered around the mother, her miraculous ability to create life and her divine energy to nurture the little soul she is welcoming into the world. 


Possessing a potent spell... oh what a power is Motherhood. 



A lost ancient tradition

Blessingways have been offered for hundreds of years to support pregnant women as they transition from maiden to mother. Traditionally this practice roots back into Navajo tradition, though many other cultures around the world practiced similar ceremonies for pregnant women. A Blessingway specifically was a time to honor the Divine Feminine, fertility and the power of woman.


Blessingway rituals

Blessingway activities include creation of a divine feminine alter, acknowledgment of the mother and what makes her glow, Adi Shakti meditation, flower crown making, and creation of a sacred cloth for the mother to wrap around her belly throughout the pregnancy (and place in the nursery upon baby's arrival!).


Alter offerings

In place of gifts, guests are encouraged to bring a small token of love, health and strength for the birthing alter. This could be a crystal, feather, candle, poem, oracle card, song lyrics, goddess images, oil or herb! Each guest will share why she picked her token to offer to the mother. 


Pricing & Planning

Blessingways are typically hosted at the mother-to-be's home or one of her family member's homes. 

- Price will adjust if guest count is more than 12
- Cost includes all ceremonial tools and flowers
- Cost includes light snacks & refreshments


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