"People who need help sometimes look a lot like people who don't need help." 

Glennon Doyle


This is one of my favorite quotes because it resonates with my own story so deeply. Growing up, my dream was to be a columnist at Cosmopolitan. My plan was to write about sex and shoes for a living, but the Universe had something else written in my stars.

At 20 years old, I was diagnosed with clinical depression. To be honest, this wasn't surprising to me. As a teen, I struggled with restricted eating and extreme overexercising. My self-abuse was driven by my perfectionist standards and deep-rooted beliefs that I was not "enough." From the outside looking in, I was the image of a happy, healthy and accomplished young woman. But the inner-battle between my mind and body was nothing new.

I left the doctor that day basically skipping. I had a quick script of Prozac in my purse and instantly felt relief that I'd finally "be fixed." But over the months, it only seemed that my energy levels were getting lower as the MGs on my script were getting higher. I felt numb to all pleasure... and even pain. After eventually weaning off of the medicine, I started to accept that I'd live my life as the zombie who pretended to be "Happy Holly." As soon as I'd get home from work or a social event, taking off my smile felt just as glorious as kicking off my super uncomfortable pair of heels. I started to come to terms with the fact that the unrelenting heaviness and fatigue of depression would be my forever.

But then at the age of 23, on a fateful day my mom handed me a flyer. It was for an energy healer. She looked at me with loving eyes and said, "It's worth a shot." After my first energy session, I walked outside and felt as though a pair of permanent sunglasses had been lifted off my face. Colors were brighter, my dog reacted to me like I was a glowing alien and I felt alive. After a few days, the glow wore off... but I knew I had figured something out. I loaded up my Nook with energy healing and spiritual teaching books and began down my own path of self-recovery.

Now, as we cut to five years later (and a lot of training and healing), I feel my purpose is to message, guide and connect with those who don't look like they need the help, but deeply do. The reality is, all of our minds and souls need nourishment and attention just as our bodies do. Instead of writing about shoes and sex, the Universe has assigned me to the beat of The Soul. I feel so much joy developing workshops and courses and getting to elevate other driven, brilliant women as the founder of She Glows.

For me, healing has been a "mixed maintenance" approach of soul coaching, shamanic energy healings, meditation, kundalini yoga, barre, clean eating, sleep, nature walks, surrounding myself with high vibe people and animals and receiving help. It requires time, work and discipline. But getting that glow sure beats the gloom.

Whether you're hoping to revitalize your energy or looking to make what's good in life even greater, I feel honored to get to be on this path with you as a healer and guide. 

Let's get your glow on.


Education & Experience

Certified Life & Soul Coach

over 300+ hours of coach certifications

  • Introduction to Soul Coaching (Soul Space)

  • Advanced Soul Coaching (Soul Space)

  • Soul of Business Coaching (Soul Space)

  • Co-Facilitator in Intro to Soul Coach Training

  • Founder of Mindful Motivation course


Kundalini Yoga Instructor


  • Completed 240+ hour instructor training

  • RYT 200 Yoga Alliance member

  • Private in-house kundalini yoga classes


Energy Medicine Practitioner


  • 300+ hour training through world-renowned Light Body School at The Four Winds


Additional Specializations

Positive psychology specialization

  • Completed 5 courses in Positive Psychology through University of Pennsylvania

leading people & teams specialization

  • Completed 5 courses in Leadership through University of Michigan


Michigan State University

bachelors degree in journalism

  • Graduated from Honors College from MSU

  • E-Board "Personnel Chair" in Chi Omega (aka the house counselor) :)