Turn on your Radiance.

Our intensive style of energy healing gives you a safe space to face doubts head on while also activating the success within your destiny, whether that's in your career, relationship or home life. We use a combination of heart-based exploration, shamanic energy medicine and kundalini yoga meditations to climb your inner-mountains and develop your authentic sense of purpose.

This experience helps clear your mind and enhances your energy, so you can slay the metaphorical dragons in your life while ultimately achieving whatever it is your fierce and ambitious heart desires. 



Why does Energy Work help?


Self-Doubt, Fear and Insecurity dim you down, BUT they are real things that we deal with on the daily. At She Glows, our style of healing helps you work through the tough stuff, achieve what feels "impossible" and brighten up your energy levels.

Here's some of the services we offer that will leave you feeling in flow while "on-the-glow."



We'll clear up the negative blocks and fear limitations that are getting in the way of your dreams and happiness. From career paths to romantic relationships, no life story map is off the table.


signature WORKSHOPS

 Connect into a high vibe sisterhood that's here to support you in your healing and success. Our workshops cover a range of topics from manifestation to meditation to goal-setting to metaphysical practices.


love again course

 This intensive digital course that helps you invite in new love or deepen existing love - for yourself and your romantic partnerships. You’ll detox your body, elevate your mind and heal your heart.

Since our first session, Holly has helped me embrace the glorious mess I am and live more authentically than ever before amidst a whirlwind of change. If anyone is looking for someone to guide them on their path to self-discovery, she is your girl.
— Amy L., 30
Since working with Holly, my life has transformed. I am more happy with myself and with my life. She has helped me drastically improve in my sport, as well as in my confidence. Holly gives amazing advice and always knows exactly what to say. I wouldn’t be where I am now without her.
— Tori M., 16
Holly has been a great source of inspiration, knowledge, and guidance. She always goes the extra mile to make sure her clients feel that they can take on their dreams and whatever life throws at them. My sessions with Holly allow me to center my thoughts and confidently dive head-first at my goals. Her spiritual tools and advice have helped guide me through life transitions and uncertainty. I would recommend Holly to anyone looking for uplifting guidance and support!
— Megan C., 26
The Universe definitely transpired to send me to Holly. I had a repressed memory come into my awareness on November 18th 2017. I knew that I was going to need help. This was not a time to try to “Fix” it alone. By Divine intervention I was guided to Holly, I looked up several counselors and coaches however once I saw her picture I knew intuitively she was the coach for me. It also turns out that November 18th is Holly’s birthday (quantum entanglements.) I live in Taylor, however distance was not going to stop me from going. I was beyond impressed on how Holly was able to read between the lines. Holly listens not just to the words you are speaking... but she’s observing your body language, she’s sensing the repressed or frightened emotions, she’s getting to the nucleus of the matter in order to heal it. One of my favorite parts about life coaching is Holly writes a detailed summary of your session. It really helps to further the process. Our sessions ended months ago, however the effects will live on through myself and anyone I come in contact with. Hopefully your work with Holly will give you the same results, I’m sure they will.
— Candis M., 33
I have been coaching with Holly for about two months and it has been an amazing experience! Holly has helped me identify belief systems that no longer serve me. Her positive energy motivates me to tackle these wounds, and she makes me feel like I can overcome them! She has given me important tools that I can use in daily life to stay grounded and aware of the thoughts that I’m listening to in my head. I’m excited to continue my work with Holly!
— Claire C., 26

It Only Gets Brighter from Here.


You've got nothing to lose except a life you don't exceptionally love. In our current culture, our minds and souls don't get the attention and nourishment they need to stay vibrant and vitalized... this leads to exhaustion, overwhelm, stress, anxiety and even depression. Get to know your inner-glow and witness your world transform.